New video of the title track of the new album “Eztica” (by means of blood) filmed in Kalaloch, WA at the “Floating Tree”

New video “Ehecatl” (Sacred Wind) filmed in Tuva, Central Asia at the Khoomei Ovaa (throat singing shrine)

Felíz Dia de Los Muertos!
“May They Be Calmed” is the translation from the Aztec language
(Nahuatl) word “CEHUI”, the title of the new SORIAH video up on
YouTube today!
Cehui’s musical roots are grounded in both the ancient pre-Mexican
tradition of honoring the dead as well as Classical Indian Raga. This
Song is heavily inspired by the Raga “MALKAUNS”, a Raga I’ve studied
under luminaries of the Kirana Tradition and direct disciples of the
the Great Pandit Prahn Nath, Michael Stirling and Terry Riley. This
Raga holds the key to the benevolent intent of the song’s chant
“TEOTLANEXTLI IXPAMPA CEHUI” (Through the Light, May They Be Calmed)
to relinquish the dead so as to ease their passage onto further
integration. Malkauns is the Midnight Raga. Each Raga reflects it’s
own time of day or night to be sung as well as it’s own distinct path
working or visualized meditation that accompanies the Raga when sang.
This Raga’s vision is of the Great Hindu God SHIVA,”Lord of the Cosmic
Dance” in meditation high atop the Himalayas where distressed and
agitated spirits petition, plea and maliciously attempt to break
Shiva’s deep meditation. The Malkauns Raga is Shiva’s benevolent

These ancient traditions wouldn’t be an obvious match. But to my
admittedly specialized and unique experience and perspective, having
studied Raga and being Mexican with old blood memory as well as
maintaining a sense of universal currents that transcend culture, time
and even humanity, I have to say that the are well met and I’m proud
of the results.

The video footage was shot on the Day of the Dead last year on
location at Lake Patzcuaro, Michoacan Mexico

and on the small Island of Janitzio
where many attest the Heart and Soul of “Dia de Los Muertos” resides.
As you can see, there were no shortage of amazing alters or spirits in
the air during the time we were there.
I’d like to Thanks Petr Sorfa for the camera work and technical help,
Rose Sorfa as well as Carlos Ivan Cruz Islas for their amazing
presence and movement as the “dead couple”. Last but certainly NOT
least, I’d like to thank all the DEAD PEOPLE who collaborated with us
in this video, especially my inspiration for the “Dead Couple”, my
grandparents, Porfirio and Alta Gracia…en el amor eterno…

I hope you enjoy the video


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