Lunar Eclipse Cinco de Mayo at The Coffin Club with Black Magdalene and OTHER

Past offerings and travel log

SoRIAH with BAUHAUS May 19th in Seattle!

SoRIAH with BAUHAUS May 17th in Portland

Soriah with Bauhaus and Automatic, Parque Bicentenario, October 23 & 24th 2021 Mexico City

La Magia Presents – Verano

Saturday June 26th Oakland CA.


Soriah to open for Bauhaus Mexico City October 23rd & 24th, 2021 @ Frontón Mexico


February 15th, 2020

Festival of the Dark Arts,

Fort George Brewery, Astoria Oregon


February 6-8

Portland, Oregon

Portland Winter Light Festival

February 1st

AFRU Gallery

Portland, Oregon

2nd Annual Imbolc Sleep Concert 

January 30th

The Old Church

Portland, Oregon

The Sounds of Siberia

with Yuliana Krivoshapkina and Nachyn Chereve

May 17th

The Old Church 

 with Chirgilchin  & Yuliyana Krivoshapkina


June 21st

Pe Ell, WA

Litha Cascadia


March 8

New Orleans Alombrados Oasis


March 8

@ The Alombrados Oasis of the O.T.O.

New Orleans, LA

with Special guest Lana Guerra (Flutter Bug)


March 16th


@ The Hideout Theater

Austin, TX


March 17th

Llano Earth Art Festival Llano, TX 



March 19 & 21

@ The Chapel,

San Francisco, CA

Peter Murphy show flyer

April 21st

The Crystal Ballroon Portland, OR

with DakhaBrakha and Yemen Blues



Sunday, April 28

Black Flame Festival

Portland, OR8BE99AF8-6BA4-40DB-B8D2-56D93463262A



February 15th

Temple of the Jaguar Envision Festival Pre party


February 16th

Festival of Dark Arts

Fort George Brewery

Astoria, OR 1pm



February 16th

@The Bit House Saloon

Portland, OR




February 7th (dusk)

Winter Light Festival Portland, OR

East bank esplanade Tillicum Crossing 


Friday January 25th at the Star Theater 8pm Doors

with Alex Hacke of Einstürzende Neubauten and David Yow of The Jesus Lizard!!!


February 16, @ the Bit House Saloon

March 11-17 SXSW venue and date TBA

October 6, at the High Water Mark Lounge Portland, OR



October 7th The Joshua Tree Music Festival

With House of Hamsa

 October 11th @ The Old Church Portland, OR

October 12 @ The Nightjar Seattle, WA


Orbit Service

November 2nd


@ The DNA Lounge San Francisco, CA

November 10th The Stone House Nevada City, CA

with Liberation Movement

November 11th The Star Theater Portland, OR

with Clan of Xymox, The Secret Light and The Bellweather Syndicate


Garden of Memory

Chapel of the Chimes, Oakland, CA

Chapel of the Chimes

June 19th

with Ulan Bator and Xambuca

at The Analog, Portland, OR

Ulan Batorweb

Chirgilchin Alberta Rose


 May 11, 12th, and 13th

Learn the ancient art of Tuvan throat singing

at the Dome School, Takilma OR

 throat singing workshopweb


Saturday May 12, Takilma Oregon

SORIAH handbillweb


Sunday May 13th Ashland Oregon @ Jackson Wellsprings Casbah

UGER KHAN handbillweb


April 6th with House of Hamsa
April 7th with Liberation Movement

Lucidity Festival


April 4th Los Angeles, CA @ Resident 
April 5th San Francisco, CA @ The Lab
April 8th Seattle, WA @ Funhouse

Thor & Friends


Chrome Star_edited-1

Soriah Star 3-15-18
Ides of March 2018 Performance @ The Star Theater, Portland Oregon


was a wild ride, from the early darkness and recovery from the loss of my good friend and collaborator Barrett Clark (Sidereal Oscillations)

Me (soriah) and Barrett Clark (Sidereal Oscillations) at the Latourell Falls, Oregon

Me (soriah) and Barrett Clark (Sidereal Oscillations) at the Latourell Falls, Oregon

Me (Soriah) and Barrett Clark R.I.P. (Sidereal Oscillations) at the Latourell Falls, Oregon

who lost his life in the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland in December of last year to transforming the rage in the deep darkness of last Winter’s tour of the West Coast with the band.
Soriah band
Daniel Henderson, Marshal Serna, Soriah, Ashkelon Sain and Jonathan Howitt
Colfax, CA
Soriah live @The Colfax Theater, Colfax, CA
Colfax Theater
Live @ The Colfax Theater, Colfax, CA
Grace Cathedral, SanFrancisco February 20, 2017
The Ghost Ship memorial @ Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, CA
with the Lumerians, San Francisco, CA
I spent my Spring in Tuva with my young son as I have for the last three years. It’s always a beautiful experience playing music with my Tuvan friends and immersing myself in that beautiful and magical place from where sprung the art of Throat singing.
This Summer Festival season with Liberation Movement culminating in the most magical event of my life so far, the total solar eclipse. Nothing has inspired me and moved me more, save witnessing the birth of my beloved son. I keep that most Perfect Circle in my memory. That extra-dimensional moment of glory changed my vibration and has informed me of a new fire burning that rages to the edges of my experience.

This year, I had the great pleasure of meeting the great Hans Joachim Roedelius of the experimental electronic German group KLUSTER when he stopped through Portland with my great friend and collaborator, Chandra Shukla (Xambuca). Meeting him was a revelation and we found and immediate kinship as you can see from this photo.

In mid November, I found myself on a very spontaneous trip to Amazon Basin of Perú to participate in a series of Ayahuasca ceremonies that profoundly shifted my vibration and outlook of my place in this world. It was one of the most profound, transformative cleansing I’ve ever done. Anytime I embark on a spiritual pilgrimage whether it be to Mexico, Tuva or Joshua Tree, I endeavor to be fully absorbed sonically and energetically by each environment I visit. I like to immerse myself in what each place has to teach me about my own voice filtered through localized environment. Ultimately it is the sounds and emotionally engaging landscapes that inspire those who are in symbiotic connection with these places that inspire them to create the unique frequencies expressed in their folk music. It’s how nature CREATES music by inspiring the locals to sing Nature back to herself in her own tongue. This is a high philosophical pillar of my artistic vision as SORIAH. To not keep static regardless of one’s environment, but to react and even collaborate and flow with the sounds and elements of one’s environment such as wind, bugs, rain, trees, waves ,fire or even concrete.

Star Theater performance of “The Monad” shortly after my return from Perú.

I’m pleased to announce my participation on numerous tracks of Thor & Friends’ new album, “The Subversive Nature of Kindness”. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 3.27.50 PM
Thor & Friends

Soriah with Ashkelon Sain Winter 2017 Tour Dates

2/19 The Star Theater, Portland OR with Black Magdalen

2/22 The Colfax Theater, Colfax CA with Synchronicity Frequency

2/23 The Night Light, Oakland CA with Cruor Incendia and AIXELA

2/25 Bar Sinister, Hollywood CA with Swarming Orchids

2/26 The Box, Santa Cruz CA

3/3 Obsidian, Olympia WA with Sataray

3/4 The Highline, Seattle WA with Cylab, The Gothcicles and Syrens of Lyra

3/11 Old Nick’s Pub, Eugene OR with Atriarch, Black Magdalene and Hiding


Soriah video for EHECATL (Sacred Wind)
A Very special offering in it’s ENTIRETY! SORIAH with Micah Perry (Cliche Au Lait) April 23rd, 2011 @ The Headwaters Theater filmed by Ian Lucero. Much Love Ian! Enjoy!

WITD Presents: Soriah and Micah Perry from Ian Lucero on Vimeo.



August 26th 7:00pm with David J @ the Shaman Perch, Portland OR.

get tickets here

November 7th 7:30pm Shadow Dance @ The Oakland Metro Operahouse, Oakland, CA

Not so recent Soriah performances…

Astoria OR February 16th 2013 Festival of the Dark Arts

Austin TX Friday, April 19th 2013 Convergence

Corpus Christi TX Saturday, April 20th 2013 Theo’s

Summer European Tour 2013

London UK Saturday, May 11th 2013 Electrowerkz

Manchester UK Sunday, May 12th 2013The Castle Hotel

Stoke-on-Trent UK Monday, May 13th 2013 The Leopard

Leipzig DE May 17-20 2013 Wave Gotik Treffen Festival

Siberian Tour

Kyzyl, Tuva RU June 12-16 2013 International Khoomei Symposium

Chadaana, Tuva RU July Ustuu-Khuure Festival