Learn to Throat Sing!

Singing “Morguul” with the Masters of Tuvan Throat Singing, Kyzyl, Tuva


Enrique Ugalde regularly hosts workshops and gives in person and Skype private instruction in the ancient art of Tuvan throat singing.

He has had extensive training in various styles of Tuvan throat singing including; Khoomei, Kargyraa, Sygyt, Borbangnadyr, Chylandyk and has created his own unique style known as “Soriah style”. He’s studied and performed with Tuvan masters such as, Aldyn-Ool Sevek, Monguun-ool Ondar, Aldar Tamdyn, Igor Koshkendey, Zhenya Oyuun, Ouidupaa and Nachyn Chodu.



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Enrique Ugalde is currently the most decorated non Tuvan throat singer in the world, winning third laureate at the 5th international throat singing symposium in Kyzyl Tuva in 2008, 2nd laureate at the Tuvan National Kargyraa Competition in 2014 and awarded “Great Innovator of the Art of Kargyraa” at the Tuvan National Competition in 2016 and winning “Best Performance of Kargyraa” in the 2019 “Khöömei in the Center of Asia” Festival.

If you are interested in booking a workshop or private lesson, please email: